Our newest and extremely exciting addition in 2022 is custom gloves and sticks. We have been researching these products and manufacturing them for a couple of years in an effort to create amazing products that our players will love and create a shot and feel like they haven’t yet experienced. Our sticks are durable, lightweight and designed based on high level performance.

Hockey Sticks

All of our sticks are manufactured with the same components and materials that hockey players today are already using. The key difference to our hockey sticks is that they are designed specifically for your organization. Our designers will create a stick that has your colors and logos. Each stick will have the name and number of the player ordering on the shaft of the stick. This is a feature that most players may never experience unless they make it to playing in college or in the pros. We are certain your players will like the feel, durability and game play of these sticks as much or more than what they are currently using.


Youth – Starting at $110/per stick
Intermediate – Starting at $190/per stick
Senior – Starting at $220/per stick

*All prices include all art costs and shipping.

LTD will provide organizations samples of the sticks upon request for you to see the quality of the stick before placing an order. Even though the sticks are produced custom designed to your organization, you will not pay the same amount as what you are seeing today for stick prices. We are offering organizations a below suggested retail price cost.